Heritage Wood Burning Oven Re-Build


It all started on the 26th with Joe inside the oven.

Gloves, jacket, and a heating pad to lay on were still required as the bricks

were still retaining their heat from the baking in the oven 3 days before.

The strategic demolition was underway.


It took a while to cautiously remove the mortar and the bricks from the existing oven.

Thereís room now to begin framing the arch with the new fire bricks.



If youíve ever looked inside the oven thru the front metal door,

doesnít it seem weird to see people standing up in the middle of the oven?

Cleaning as Joe was building was just as important.He didnít want to leave the mortar mess behind.




And so, patiently, the mortaring of each block was completed.Over 700 in total.

Hereís to the next 125 years of baking excellence!