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Cake Page

Here is a small example of the types of cakes that you can order from Debbie

054-ac.jpg   cake31-ac.jpg   DSC_0008-ac.jpg   DSC_0011-ac.jpg   

 DSC_0017-c.jpg  DSC_0100-ac.jpg  DSC_0035-ac.jpg  


DSC_0058-ac.jpg   cake-ac.jpg   


DSC_0157-ac.jpg    DSC_0124-ac.jpg   DSC_0121-ac.jpg  DSC_0127-ac.jpg    DSC_0096-ac.jpg 

DSC_0151-aac.jpg   DSC_0049-ac.jpg   DSC_0149-ac.jpg  DSC_0041-ac.jpg     DSC_0140-ac.jpg


And who wouldn’t want a cake like this for their 40DD’ith Birthday!

DSC_0158-ac.jpg     DSC_0032-ac.jpg  


If you’re looking for a custom cake for that special occasion

give Debbie, the CakeWitch, a call at 613-258-2317